Free 2 Teach Testimonials

We have lots of happy teachers who shop in our store. Here’s just a few:

I am so grateful to Free 2 Teach for making much-needed supplies available for teachers! As an elective teacher, I see over 200 students a day. In order to provide for everyone, I frequently had to purchase classroom supplies and equipment from my personal paycheck. Free 2 Teach has helped me keep my classroom supplies stocked and organized so I can better do my job and provide for my students! Thank you to the donors and volunteers who make this incredible service possible for our area, our teachers and our very deserving students!
Parker Emily


So much fun shopping without worrying about how much you are spending! They have everything to meet basic classroom needs to fun prizes and student incentives. I have gotten over $600 worth of materials in two shopping trips. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Thankful to have this organization and their support!
Debbie Medeiros


Thank you Free 2 Teach donors and volunteers! I had my first trip there today and picked up almost $200 in supplies and materials for my classroom!
Amanda Jackson


It was wonderful!!!! I got 350.00 worth of goodies for classes. High school students need things too.
Jacqueline Braudaway


I had my first visit today and it was wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work! The volunteers were friendly and helpful. It is a blessing to have a place like this!
Linda Larson


What a wonderful place! Everyone there was so helpful and friendly!
Stacey Whitley


Much love and thanks for the treasures I received for my students and classroom on my first shopping visit. The joy and appreciation was wonderful to see on the faces of our Meridianville students. Feeling Blessed.
Brandi Glenn


So thankful for what others see as “little” things, but they add up when you teach!!!! Thank you to everyone who gives time and resources for those who teach!
Kristen Esteve


You are such an amazing organization! I appreciate you so much and am glad you have gotten so much good press recently!
Kayla Graham


We are thankful for Free 2 Teach! Such a blessing!
Mary Beth Calhoun


As a teacher who uses Free 2 Teach I appreciate all you do.
Danny Elegante


Teachers, if you’ve had a great shopping experience and would like to tell us about it, please send your comments here: Testimonials