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Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was free?Teachers Shopping

At the Free 2 Teach store, it’s just that – free!   Free 2 Teach is committed to easing the personal financial burden of teachers by providing free resources for their classrooms and students.   Our Free Store offers these essential supplies at no cost to our full-time classroom teachers in Huntsville City, Madison County and Madison City public school systems.

Students need supplies to learn. Teachers need tools to teach. We are the store that connects our teachers with these essential tools and supplies, all for free.

The Shopping Experience

Since opening our doors in January 2013, we have given away over $3.5 million in resources and supplies to our public school teachers.  Each time a teacher shops, they leave the store with an average of $505 in classroom resources and educational tools.

We regularly receive new shipments of great items for you to use in your classroom and to pass on to your students. These items include traditional school supplies, office supplies, math and science resources, craft items, room décor, books, furniture and more.  All these are donated and funded by our community, and all of these are free to you!

At the Free 2 Teach store we strive to make your shopping experience as pleasant and productive as possible.  We hope to add a little joy and happiness to your day each time you shop at Free 2 Teach.

You make a difference in our children’s lives and our goal is to make a difference in yours!

For more information about shopping at the Free Store, click for Teacher Shopping FAQs.

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