Free 2 Teach is excited to announce the launch of the Free 2 Teach STEM Lending Library!  The first building block in this innovative program provides high school biology and life science teachers with access to high quality, reusable 3D biology models that align with objectives in Alabama’s new science course of study.

  • These custom 3-D Molecules of Life Kits are available for short-term loan through the Free 2 Teach Store, thanks to a generous grant from the Alpha Foundation.
  • Each kit features plaster models of the 4 classes of macromolecules that are found in living cells:  proteins, DNA, Carbohydrates and cell membranes, as well as water molecules and an ice lattice for comparison.  5 laminated lab station guides are included, allowing students to match the subunits with each of the macromolecules and learn about their function.
  • The Molecules of Life Kits will help teachers provide enhanced classroom instruction in connection with the first standard of Alabama’s new science course of study.


Models in this Collection

Ice lattice
Amylose (starch)
Phospholipid bilayer
DNA double helix
2 each of the subunits: water, glucose, phospholipid, asparagine, adenosine monophosphate
5 laminated Lab Station Guides with corresponding Student Worksheets & Teacher Key

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How the STEM Lending Library Works

Molecules of Life Kits may be borrowed by high school biology and life science teachers in Huntsville City, Madison City and Madison County public schools.

Important – Before you borrow a kit, you must have received training from your high school’s training resource.   Click for a List of Trainers

The borrower is responsible for pick-up and return of the kit to the Free 2 Teach store.  The Lending Library is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 pm – 5:45 pm.

The loan period is for two weeks.

There is no charge for borrowing models.

Model requests are filled on a first come, first served basis.

A packing sheet, handling instructions and foam mats for each lab station are included with each kit.

It is important to review our STEM Lending Library Policies before you request a kit.  You must bring a signed copy of the Policies with you when you pick-up your kit.

If you have a special request, email Jennifer at  We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Request a Kit

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